Earlier (before coming to India), I never liked papaya… But Like many changes that happened to my Favorite Stuff, Nowadays I loveeeeee papaya… With that shiny orange color… It’s also great for skin brightening, if you use it as a face pack.
Don’t you think it’s great in color and taste?





It was on 8th of Jan that we reached Jodhpur in Rajasthan. The place where we suppose to stay was out of the city. When we got there I saw a great resort named Bijolai Palace, A Treehouse Palace Hotel Jodhpur.

So you can imagine how happy I was… It was total Rajasthani building, with those red bricks…

Bijolai Palace, A Treehouse Palace Hotel Jadhpur3

I was so happy till night. After a quick nap including bad dreams I went for shower while A. was out busy with clicking pic. Then I decided to explore the hotel as it was really like a palace…

Most of the rooms were empty and inside the hotel was dark… Normally I am not scared going to jungle at night and all but there was something either in me or about the place that scared me a lot so I decided to get back to our room. As soon as I entered started sharing my feeling about place with A. He was in his normal cool and relaxed mood … when my part over he started telling me about haunted places in India and mentioned most of these places are in rajasthan only…He finished his stories by telling me that even there were a group of tourist in same hotel drawn in the lake. Oh GOD… I was about to pack, go back to city and find another hotel… At the same time light went off and I just controlled myself not to scream….

Don’t you think it’s like a haunted area?????

I just looked at A. after light got fixed. He was in immense pleasure. I knew that he is a kind of person who never miss a single chance for having fun. I thought of calling my dear friend SAMEEN ( the name of my blog is dedicated to her 1/3) and found out what it is about haunted area and all. She was so sweet like always and talked to me and made me relaxed. That night turn to a lovely morning by reading soore and a lot more praying whole night. Thanks to A.

Bijolai Palace, A Treehouse Palace Hotel Jadhpur9

Though I guess it was the first and last time I went to this specific hotel but the place was really amazing… Special thanks to my lovely friend Sameen for saving me as usual.